Diversity in Clinical Supervision and Practice

As a psychotherapist, you strive to meet the client’s need to be understood, help them resolve their issues, foster meaningful life changes, and start the healing process. Psychotherapy and counselling provide a safe place to address challenges, work out solutions, and restore wellbeing.

Clinical Supervision and Resiliency


Witnessing other person’s suffering can take a heavy toll on mental health professionals. As a counselor, you will deal with challenging and emotionally depleting situations that can trigger personal stress or have other adverse effects on your mental health and overall wellbeing. Adding to the emotional implications of the role is a lack of support, […]

What is supervision?

Counselling supervision is one of the best kept secrets in the professional world!  Actually it is not a secret at all, but it does not often get the proper fanfare it deserves from counselling students or beginning counsellors.  Many students seek supervision because it is required of them to fulfill an obligation for a licensing […]

Personal Reflection

As a novice counsellor, supervision became one of the most important parts of my training.  I attended my meetings with a notebook full of questions and left each time knowing more about myself, my thought processes, and my therapeutic approach.  As my career developed I looked forward to the meetings where I knew I would have […]