Overview of Modules

  • The first module of this course includes a video introduction to the counselling approach course (MI) as well as an introduction to motivational interviewing, background information & clinical psychologists William R. Miller & Stephen Rollnick’s work. It also includes an explanation of The Spirit of Motivational Interviewing, which describes how the therapist keeps the “spirit” of motivational interviewing alive and well.
  • The second module explains the principles that are critical to developing trust within the therapy relationship, as well as ways for helping people understand their feelings & discover their own motivations.
  • The third module explains MI’s fundamental skills and how they can be used in a variety of settings, including social services, health care, psychological health, public health, & criminal justice.
  • The fourth module goes through the numerous reasons why motivational interviewing has become such a popular sort of mental health therapy, as well as its efficacy in treating a variety of psychological and physical health issues.
  • The fifth module covers the factors that are taken into account. What does MI not accomplish? What’s the big deal about it? It also discusses how to begin using this technique to counsel yourself or someone you know.
  • The course ends with three (3) assessment questions to help you review what you’ve learned.

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