What is EFT?

  • EFT is a type of psychotherapy founded on the idea that emotions are essential to one’s identity.
  • It’s a sort of short-term treatment meant to help adults enhance their bonding and attachment.
  • In the 1980s, doctors Sue Johnson and Les Greenberg established this technique in couples therapy based on a study on love as just an attachment bond.
  • Although couples most commonly use it, it’s also been modified for use by families. This treatment can aid in the formation of a more stable emotional tie between couples and family members, resulting in better relationships and enhanced communication.
  • Emotions, as per EFT, also serve as à guide for personal choice and judgment.
  • EFT considers that:
  • A lack of emotional consciousness is bad.
  • Avoiding your feelings can lead to undesirable life consequences.
  • Neglecting or avoiding the emotional reaction over time may affect your ability to handle emotions afterwards.
  • EFT-trained therapists can aid persons seeking therapy with a variety of issues. For example, these therapists could assist clients in becoming more conscious of their emotions.
  • People can also improve their ability to use the information offered by adaptive emotions by employing EFT. Individuals may be better at coping with and reducing the harmful impacts of maladaptive emotions if they are more aware.

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