Things to Consider

  • Emotionally focused therapy can be complex since it entails exploring unpleasant emotions and patterns that lead to marital difficulties.
  • The treatment process can bring up painful or deep feelings. It is also critical that each person participates in the procedure. If one individual is reluctant to participate, EFT will be less successful.
  • Any apparent separation or distance in our close connections is viewed as a threat because of insecure attachment. The sense of safety is jeopardized when we lose contact with a loved one.
  • As a result, people go into a self-preservation phase and depend on the actions they did as a child to “survive” or cope. This is why, as adults in intimate relationships, individuals are prompted to repeat destructive patterns from their childhood. While the procedure might be challenging at times, the purpose of EFT is to assist in the transformation of these patterns and the replacement of them with more beneficial ones.

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