Theory of EFT

  • In this therapeutic technique, the therapist and the patient in therapy work together in a collaborative process. Both are seen as equally valuable contributors. However, the individual receiving therapy, not the therapist, is regarded as the most qualified to interpret their emotional experience.
  • EFT is based on the premise that emotions may be used to help people live happier, healthier lives. Its theory is founded on research into the emotional experience of humans. The research on human emotion has revealed how emotions are created, the role of emotions in human functioning, and the relationship between emotions and thought and action.
  • Emotion schemes are the foundation of EFT. These notions of human emotion greatly influenced them. Emotion schemes are diagrams that show how emotion can be felt physically, cause physiologic changes, influence thinking, and guide future action.
  • EFT enables people to accept  change their emotional patterns.

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