Perks of EFT

  • Couples and families can benefit from EFT in a variety of ways. Among them are the following:

Improved Emotional Functioning

  • EFT gives a language of healthy reliance between partners. It examines crucial moves and events that form a grown-up love relationship. The model’s central purpose is to extend and reorganize the couple’s emotional responses.

Stronger Bonds

  • EFT is founded on attachment theory; it states that attachments among people often give a safe place to escape from the world and a way to get comfort, stability, and a stress buffer.

Improved Emotional Understanding

  • EFT assists individuals become more knowledgeable of their partner’s feelings, which leads to improved emotional understanding. As a result, they are ready to listen and discuss concerns from a position of empathy rather than defensiveness or rage due to this awareness.
  • Emotionally oriented counselling can help people unravel habitual, counterproductive reactions that jeopardize their relationships.

EFT is Verified to Be Effective

  • EFT is effective in both individual and couple therapy studies. In addition, EFT was found to be as successful as, if not as effective than, other standard therapy techniques in many studies comparing therapeutic approaches. One study’s most striking finding was that EFT has a 77 percent success rate in preventing relapse.
  • Other advantages include: determining the relationship between result and empathy, forming an alliance for couples, gaining a greater depth of experience in daily life, and making sense of feelings.

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