Origins and Evolution

  • Leslie Greenberg was the main creator of EFT. It’s a humanistic treatment method that helps patients accept, manage, comprehend, and articulate their emotions more effectively. Greenberg didn’t decide to create the method on purpose. Instead, he was more interested in how people change. Greenberg developed the treatment over roughly three decades. The first materials on the subject were presented in 1979.
  • EFT is a research-based technique that incorporates elements of person-centred, cognitive-behavioural, and Gestalt therapy. It also includes some of Piaget’s research into how individuals solve problems. EFT also refers to interactional systemic views when used to treat a marriage.
  • EFT is a technique that aims to assist people in looking within themselves and a deeper understanding of their feelings. While EFT and emotionally focused treatment have the same name, they are not the same. It is a two-pronged technique that seeks to assist couples and families in better comprehending the feelings of significant persons in their lives. Nonetheless, gaining a greater understanding of one’s feelings may help one form stronger relationships with others.

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