How Can EFT Assist?

  • Emotionally oriented therapy can help couples experiencing conflict, distress, or a communication breakdown. While this is most commonly utilized in relationship therapy, EFT could also be beneficial in individual and family therapy.
  • When applied to individuals, this strategy can aid in the resolution of emotional issues. It can also assist family members in developing stronger ties with one another.
  • Couples that may benefit from EFT include those with one or both of the following issues: addiction, depression, chronic disease, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • EFT also has proven to be an effective strategy for couples suffering from adultery or other traumatic experiences, both recent and in the past. Attachment theory and EFT meet in the field of neuroscience. More recent MRI studies highlight the need for a secure connection. Our bonds are powerful, and our brains recognize them as “safety.”
  • In private therapy, university training institutions, and hospital clinics, EFT is employed with many couples. It is also beneficial to many cultural groups all around the world.

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