Efficacy of EFT

  • As a therapeutic paradigm, EFT offers several advantages. For starters, it is backed by extensive study. Secondly, it is cooperative and client-centred. Finally, it distributes responsibility for the couples’ difficulties to the negative thought patterns that exist between them, rather than the individual partners themselves.
  • There is a significant body of data showing the efficacy of this treatment. It is currently widely regarded as among the most empirically supported types of couples therapy.
  • Emotionally oriented therapy can help couples create stronger links and build healthier relationships. According to research, EFT can enhance partner relationships and lessen the level of stress that people have experienced in their relationships.
  • According to a 2019 systematic study, EFT is an effective therapy for increasing marital satisfaction. This healing is also quite solid and long-lasting, with very little evidence of return into discomfort.

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