Overview of Modules

  • The first module of this course provides both an introductory video to the course, as well as an introduction to reality therapy, including background information on the work of the founder of reality therapy, William Glasser, and factors influencing the development of reality therapy. 
  • In the second module, an overview of reality therapy’s view of human nature is presented. 
  • The third module reviews the role of the therapist in reality therapy, with an emphasis on the concepts of choice and change. 
  • In the fourth module, the goals of reality therapy are discussed, with an emphasis on the six criteria to judge healthy behaviour. 
  • An overview of key techniques used in reality therapy will be explored in module five, with an emphasis on the approach’s focus on action-oriented techniques.  
  • The sixth provides an overview of one contemporary application of reality therapy, the WDEP system. An overview of the steps incorporating goals and techniques is also presented. 
  • In the seventh module, strengths and limitations of the reality therapy approach to psychotherapy are examined. 
  • The course concludes with three (3) quiz questions, as well as a course evaluation, to review what you have learned.  

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