Psychotherapy Training Institute (PTI) provides high-quality services in three primary branches: clinical supervision, continuing education, and certification. These services support mental health professionals, including but not limited to: counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, occupational therapists, and psychologists.

After decades in the counselling profession, our team recognized the immense value of continuing education, supervision, and advanced certification. We started PTI after experiencing disappointment with existing services available to Canadian psychotherapists and psychologists. The role that supervision and advanced training plays in enhancing client outcomes cannot be overstated.

The professional field requires dedication to life-long learning. When a counsellor becomes stagnant, client outcomes can suffer. Continuing education allows the counsellor to flourish with new techniques, interventions and deeper awareness of clinical practice. Our self-paced and relevant training materials are meant to inspire professionals in their quest towards advanced knowledge. Learning is meant to be enjoyable!

Supervision is another method of advancing professional ability. By receiving feedback, guidance and greater insight on client cases, clinicians can expand treatment outcomes that better client wellbeing. Supervision is a safe, professional relationship that encourages growth. It also provides space to seek guidance with ethical and clinical concerns. Clinical supervisors share their experience and knowledge to enrich their supervisee’s practice.

Do you have professional experience and want to become a Clinical Supervisor and/or Consultant with PTI?

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