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Connect with one of our seasoned, well-trained supervisors to enhance your time with clients and receive guidance that benefits your practice.


Advance your therapeutic skill, knowledge and clinical understanding to better serve your clients through our certification process.

Continuing Education

Satisfy the desire to learn and grow in your professional knowledge by exploring our extensive collection of continuing education courses.

Do you have professional experience and want to become a Clinical Supervisor and/or Consultant with PTI?


Diversity in Clinical Supervision and Practice

As a psychotherapist, you strive to meet the client’s need to be understood, help them resolve their issues, foster meaningful life changes, and start the healing process. Psychotherapy and counselling provide a safe place to address challenges, work out solutions, and restore wellbeing.

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Clinical Supervision and Resiliency

Witnessing other person’s suffering can take a heavy toll on mental health professionals. As a counselor, you will deal with challenging and emotionally depleting situations

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Clinical Supervision Counselling Success

Success and Supervision

Becoming a counsellor is a never-ending journey towards knowledge, connection, wellbeing and helping. While there are bumps in one’s professional growth journey, there are also moments of success

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